What Makes a Great Experience at a Hotel

What Makes a Great Experience at a Hotel

Choosing a hotel or your next vacation or business trip is a big deal, the last thing you want is to stay in a flea ridden motel where you are terrified to sleep on the bed.  Finding a great hotel is more than how big your room is or whether you have fluffy towels although these things count too.  What makes a great hotel is a combination of things.  Let’s look at what makes a great experience at a hotel.

Friendly Staff

The staff can make or break your hotel stay, hotels that have warm and friendly staff can make you feel at home.  When you walk into a hotel and the lobby is well lit and clean it makes you feel like you have come to the right place.  If the staff makes the check in process quick and friendly get your stay off on the right foot.  Today most hotels have an electronic key card system so making sure that your key card lets you not only into your room but the hotel’s facilities is a must.

Location is Everything

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the location of your hotel matters.  If you are taking your family on vacation then you want a hotel fairly close to all the attractions that you want to see.  For instance if you are looking for a hotel in Orlando, you will find plenty of hotels that are very close to Disneyland.  If you are travelling for business then you want a hotel close to your business or meeting place.  The last thing you want to do is spend half your day fighting traffic in a strange city.  Fortunately you can check online before you book your room.

The Amenities

The amenities are what make you feel comfortable and can separate a good hotel from a great one.  Amenities are the things like fluffy towels, coffee and tea in your room, WiFi and a television to watch.  Hotels are more than just a place to sleep, guests expect more.  Most hotels will have a business center  for business travels, it will include printers, computer access and fax services should you need them.  Hotels also have pools and fitness facilities so that you can maintain a fitness routine even while traveling.  Bear in mind that the more amenities that you have the higher the cost of the room.

A great hotel isn’t just one thing it is the combination of things like the friendliness of the staff, and the facilities that are offered to you.  Check reviews along with the location to make sure you are getting a hotel that works for you.